Moira Burke



The first piece of art I bought was a seascape.  I remember looking at it and feeling the breeze blowing, the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the air.  That seascape still serves as my inspiration, pushing me to try and capture the fleeting mood of a moment on my canvas.  Working primarily in oil, both plein air and in studio, I am drawn to subjects that trigger an emotion, a sense of place or a memory.

My first mentor in art - as in so many other things - was my mother Betty, who continued to paint into her 93rd year.  I now paint regularly with other artists and participate in numerous lessons and workshops in London and area.  From the many talented and generous individuals who share their knowledge I have learned so much and appreciate that among the great joys of art is the opportunity to never stop learning and exploring.

My work may be seen at Portside Gallery in Port Stanley.  I am a member of and exhibit regularly in shows for the Lambeth Art Association and Gallery Painting Group of London.  My work has also been in shows at Paint Ontario, The Fringe Gallery, William’s Cafe and Westland Gallery.

Since 2016 I have worked from Studio III in The Factory, a shared studio with fellow artists Catherine Eichstedt and Ingrid Connidis.  Our large and light-filled space and the experience of working with one another has enabled us all to grow and develop as artists.